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JSS Immigration: Your Global Journey Starts Here

JSSICS is a premier provider of comprehensive visa and immigration services, dedicated to guiding individuals and families through the complexities of global migration. With a team of experienced professionals

About us

JSS immigration is a professional firm. We take pride in working together with our customers as a team, taking pro-active steps to ensure that all needs are met. We believe that regular communication between all parties involved is one of the most important aspects of our teamwork method. This approach does help to strengthen the bonds of a customer relationship which can bring lasting growth to all members of this team.

Our team works diligently to ensure that you, the Customer, are well informed as to the status of your case. Confident together, as a team, we can WIN and form bonds which will perpetuate continued growth for all.

We are dedicated to excellence and efficiency in international immigration consultancy. Our core values are guided by dedication to ethical hard work, integrity, honesty and commitment to respect universal human rights.


JSS Immigration Consultancy Services Consultation Service offers you the opportunity to visit Immigration Consultants having a profound knowledge of the Visa Application Processes in different countries. Discuss your Visa applications in detail with our professionals over a phone call or in person.

Visa Eligibility Assessment

Our Online Assessment will help you find out if you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa. Register below to take the Assessment and view your results instantly.

Application Processing

JSS Immigration Consultancy Services will facilitate your application process from start to finish. Once you retain our services, we will meticulously prepare, perfect, and submit your application on your behalf. Our team will handle all communication with the Immigration Visa Office and prepare you for your personal interview, if required.

Client Assistance

The Client Assistance Program offers direct, one-on-one comprehensive information and referral assistance for basic needs and safety net services. JSS Immigration Consultancy Services supports eligible legal permanent residents and citizens in applying for a wide range of immigration services, including guiding them through the citizenship process.


Client Assistance

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